Shelled Walnut

Production and Packaging:


 300 g, 10 packets per 1 box.
 110 g, 20 packets per 1 box.

Wholesale Selling (by Weight)

Main producing countries:  the USA, Ukraine, Mexico, Moldavia, and India.
Minimal order:  10 kilos.
Weight:  10 kilos per 1 package, 25/50 kilos per 1 bag.

Walnuts are an excellent source of omega-3 and omega-5 fatty acids which present themselves natural antiinflammatory agents and strengthen heart.

About Shelled Walnuts

A walnut is a most beautiful tree up to 30 meters high with branchy crone and strong trunk covered with thick dark-grey cracking bark. On average a walnut lifetime reaches 400 years. Fruit is a dry drupe with pulpy inedible cup which dries out and cracks when ripening. The legend of walnut origin says that Carya, the daughter of Laconian king Dion and the beloved of Dionysus, was changed into the nut tree by the latter. In VII-V centuries BC a walnut mentioned as one of the main cultures in the garden of Persian king Cyrus. The Romans used walnuts to treat tuberculosis and emaciation, while Eastern wise men – to strengthen heart and liver. Walnuts were delivered from Greece to Russia about 1000 years ago by Greece merchants.

There are the following categories and types of walnuts:

Butterflies – 85-90% of whole halves, the rest 10%   are kernels in size not less than 2/3 of a half.

Quarters – kernels are divided into 4 practically equal parts with diameter from 7 to 20 mm, 10% are big pieces.

Eighth parts – kernels are divided into 8 practically equal parts with diameter from 6 to 14 mm, 10% are big pieces.

Mix – the mix of eighth parts, quarters, and butterflies.  It usually contains 30% of butterflies, the rest 70% are eighth parts and quarters.