Cedar Nut

Production and Packaging:


 450 g, 10 packets per 1 box.

70% of amino acids contained in cedar nut proteins are indispensable. They are digested on 99%.

Wholesale Selling (by Weight)

Main producing countries:  Russia, China, and Spain.
Minimal order:  3 kilos.
Weight:  3 kilos per 1 package, 12 kilos per 1 basket.

70% of amino acids contained in cedar nut proteins are indispensable. They are digested on 99%.

About Cedar Nuts

Since olden days a cedar nut has been considered to be one of the main riches of our country. It grows not in warm or wet tropics, but in inclement climatic conditions of Siberian taiga. Cedar nuts are spread not only in Russia. Italy, Spain, Portugal, China – it’s an incomplete list of those countries where cedar pine grows. Since olden days whole families have been doing hard-work at cedar harvest time and have been storing up during 10-15 days not looking aside at other types of work.
On average a cedar starts to bear fruit in 60 years, sometimes even later. Cones are ripening during 14-15 months. Every cone contains from 30 to 150 nuts. From one tree you can get up to 12 kilos of nuts.

The content of amino acids in cedar nut proteins is many times higher than in proteins of other nuts. The cedar nut protein is digested on 99% and according to its ingredients it’s s very close to the man’s protein. 70% of amino acids are indispensable; therefore biological value of cedar nuts is several times higher. Fat of cedar nuts contains a great concentration of polyunsaturated acids; linoleic acid is presented in special excess. This acid is essential for our organism for a synthesis of substances relieving pain and inflammation, normalizing the blood pressure, improving the blood circulation, stimulating processes of regeneration and preventing from tumours. A cedar nut contains a combination of valuable liposoluble vitamins and important minerals, which take an active part in organism normal growth and development.

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