Sunflower Seeds

Production and Packaging:


 90 g, 40 packets per 1 box.
 40 g, 70 packets per 1 box.

Wholesale Selling (by Weight)

Main producing countries:  Iran, the USA, Turkey, Syria, and China.
Minimal order:  5 kilos.
Weight:  5 kilos per 1 package, 25/50 kilos per 1 bag.

Being roasted and salted for a better flavour and scent, seeds are a perfect snack as for children, so for adults.
The only ingredients are seeds and salt, no additives!

About Seeds

Archaeological data were evidence of sunflower growth on the territory of present states Arizona and New Mexico in 3000 BC. It’s obvious that the homeland of sunflower is North America. Ancient Incas and Aztecs deified this plant and gave magical properties by using an obvious similarity with the sun, which they worshipped. At first, in Europe sunflower was used as an ornamental plant, then − as medical, and only two centuries after – for oil production. Sunflower appeared in Russia only at the government of Peter the Great. Church made a great contribution to sunflower oil popularization by announcing it a lenten product. Seeds are the main source of lecithin – a substance necessary for normal nervous system forming, transportation of vitamins and medicine to cells. Vitamins PP and E, linoleic acid, and tannin agents make sunflower seeds the natural product for organism strengthening in general. It’s important that all the above-mentioned advantages relate only to dried seeds as up to 90% of health-giving substances are being destroyed during the roast. According to UNO data, Russia heads the list in seeds production by great margin.