Production and Packaging:


 300 g, 10 packets per 1 box.

Wholesale Selling (by Weight)

Main producing countries:  Argentina, Moldavia, the USA.
Minimal order:  10 kilos.
Weight:  10 kilos per 1 package, 25/50 kilos per 1 bag.


Eat it out-of-the-bag or add it to unusual salads and desserts if you want to make your guests and family feel really special.

About Prune

In fact, prunes are dried plums. Vengerka is the most frequently used sort of fruits. Only the ripest and the juiciest fruits must be chosen to get high-quality prunes, whereupon they are processed by boiling water, then they are cooled off in cold running water and dried. To get one kilo of prunes you must use more than 5 kilos of fresh plums. Being ready for consumption, prunes have a sour-sweet taste and a black glossy colour. The driest fruits are soft by touch.

Prunes can boast of rather rich history. They originated in V-VI centuries BC. It was the time when people started to notice that many fruits can be dried in order to increase a pull-date. Plum was one of first fruits which were dried massively, and then prunes were eaten.

The homeland of plum itself is considered to be the territory of western Asia near the Caucasus Mountains on the coast of the Caspian Sea. It was the place wherefrom it has started to spread on the south and in the center of Asia, on the west to Europe, and to Balkan Mountains. And only by the XVII century the era of plum and prune had reached the territory of Russia.